Easy, accessible and free. Designed for communicators without experience or knowledge of programming, who aim to reach a younger audience.

Games for News (G4N) is a platform that allows you to create educational video games without any need for technical knowledge on programming or graphic design. This saves costs, time and money.

It was created with the support of Google News Initiative and is part of Convoca Lab. The objective is to apply it as a new narrative format, in addition to others such as interactive comics, interactive games, 360° games and podcasts.

The tool has produced excellent results in debunking myths, such as the work published by Convoca.pe during the Peruvian elections to guess the political background of the candidates; or using key words to evaluate users’ knowledge about the facts that led to the current political and social crisis in Peru.

Another one of the video games, “Clean up an oil spill,” exposes the difficulties experienced by the native communities in Loreto, Peru, in response to oil pollution, a recurring situation in the Peruvian Amazon.

Games for News was also a useful tool to complement the interactive reports and visualizations that revealed shady schemes used by large-scale mining to reduce their tax payments, with the video game “Price game.

You can personalize the game using a wide variety of backgrounds and characters, and also apply your own graphics. The game engines also allow you to tell your stories and publish them wherever you like.

There is a free version, as well as different membership levels, depending on your requirements.