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Welcome to Escuela Convoca of Investigative Journalism and Data, an initiative that focuses on teaching journalists and journalism students how to work with databases and the possibilities offered by technology to enhance investigative journalism. This school is driven by the Convoca team of reporters and programmers and is inspired by the best experiences of newsrooms in the world to produce research projects from data analysis and verification of data, permanent reporting and new digital narratives. Why do we do it? Because we need more people: professionals, students and citizens, to learn and explore new ways to publish stories of great public interest. Our goal is to create a network of professionals from various disciplines to generate new opportunities for investigative journalism and data analysis in Peru and Latin America.

Find out who are part of Convoca, winner of Data Journalism Awards 2016 in the category "News App Data" (small newsroom) with the investigative series "Excesses unpunished".



We carry out training for professionals and students on techniques and methodologies of investigative journalism, fact-checking and creation of databases to promote the search for truth and new ways of telling untold stories of public interest.


We help implement data units to the media, universities and other organizations that are committed to quality content for audiences and new ways of collecting the readers’ voice.


We perform and promote online discussions and debates to enhance investigative reporting and data analysis in Latin America with various organizations and allies professional in the world.


We promote hackathons and various spaces for teaching the process of working with data with the participation of professionals, citizens and civil society organizations to generate projects and products that contribute to the generation of changes in Peru and Latin America.


We use and promote the use of the Transparency and Access to Information Law in the media, universities and organizations to strengthen surveillance of political and economic power, and the access to fundamental rights.


We developed digital and print publications with the best experiences of investigative journalism, data analysis and technological development. We focus on systematic methodologies and learning to make possible that other teams and citizens can replicate the experience.


El martes 28 de junio, la Escuela Convoca de Investigación Periodística y de Datos realizará junto a Oxfam Perú el taller para periodistas “El poder de las puertas giratorias y el lobby en las industrias extractivas”. Esta capacitación estará a cargo del reconocido investigador Francisco Durand de la Pontificia Universidad Católica, la periodista Milagros Salazar y el especialista en derechos indígenas Vladimir Pinto. La Escuela ofrece cinco becas para estudiantes del último año de universidades peruanas. Conoce aquí cómo puedes participar.

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